Heart Choppin: An IB Student's Biology Experience
What does the inside of a sheep's heart look like?

Description: Viewer discretion is definitely advised as this video contains some pictures and videos of the inside of a sheep's heart and a pig's repertory system. The 2IB students got  their hands dirty during one of their lab sessions and The KatFood had the privilege of getting to film the process. To some the experience was fun and others a bit weird but it was all still an educational experience.

#1 The IB Recipe​ - An Interview with Gillian Boniface
"What is the IB program?" 

Description: In this video, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the IB. Together with Gillian Boniface, the school's IBDP coordinator, we'll explain you the basics of the IB and provide you some tips on surviving it.


Duration: 8 minutes 


Interview questions: 

What is the IB course

- What is the purpose of the program,

- Are there any differences between the Norwegian course and the IB course

- How challenging is the IB in terms of material and assessment

- Are there any requirements for the IB