Thank you very much for filling in the teachers quiz! However, there can only be one winner which is: Elise Buljovcic from 2IB!


Here are the answers to the questions and a short explanation:




Question 1: Ina Misje never lived in:


Correct answer: A

- Even though Ina Misje would love to live in Barcelona one day, she’s never actually done it so far. She has lived in all of the other places, of which Longyearbyen is perhaps the most unique.


Question 2: Tom Costigan’s pet gecko was eaten by:

Correct answer: C

- This unfortunate incident happened a long time ago but Tom remembers it well. Tom’s cat mistook the gecko for an interesting snack and devoured it whole. The other suspects are completely innocent.  

 Question 3: What language did Willem von Erpecom study in university?


Correct answer: A

- Willem von Erpecom studied New Zealand Maori for one semester when he was in university. Mind you, New Zealand Maori should not be confused with Cook Island Maori, which is something completely different! If you want to learn a few useful phrases in New Zealand Maori, Willem is your go to expert.  

 Question 4: Which IB-teacher lived in Maastricht (The Netherlands) for a couple of years?

Correct answer: B

- Franciska Aabrek lived in Maastricht for several years when her husband worked there. Jasmijn and Willem are both of Dutch stock but never lived in Maastricht. Asle is just a random option D.

Question 5: Asle Festø plays in a band. What is the name of the band?


Correct answer: A

- Knowing Asle, some of you might have gone for option D :) The correct answer, however, is option A. Asle is the singer and guitarist of the Shenanigans and perhaps, after corona, he might be persuaded to sing a song for us.

 Question 6: Which Roald Dahl book title best describes Michael Laundry’s childhood?


Correct answer: D

- Of course Michael Laundry is fantastic and a champion, but the title that best describes Michael’s childhood is James and the Giant Peach; Michael grew up on a peach farm in Canada.

 Question 7: Getrud Cigen NEVER worked as a:


Correct answer: D

- We all know that Gertrud works as a teacher, but did you know she also worked as a taxi driver and a bus driver for some time? People looking for a ship’s captain should look elsewhere.

Question 8: What did Andreas Hellesøy get in front of the school?

 Correct answer: A

- Alas! Andreas Hellesøy didn’t get a winning lottery ticket but a parking ticket. Even option b would have been more welcome!