Logo design contest

Calling all creative students!

As mentioned before, the IB Katfood is not only a platform for us fixed writers, but it is also a platform for you students, to also showcase your creativity. Therefore, we have decided to run a Logo Design Competition for the website's logo. Yes! That’s right, we are calling on you, the students to come up with a unique and fun logo that incorporates the name “The IB Kat Food” along with our slogan, “Food for thought?”


If you are more interested in designing a graphic representation of the logo, then feel free to do so. The sky is the limit (well almost).

 How does it work?

1.      Create a digital or on paper drawing of a logo that you believe suits the name and slogan of the news group. This can be done individually or as a group. Get as creative as you possibly can. NO inappropriate drawings of any kind would be accepted.

2.      Submit your proposal by sending it to our email address: ib.katten.newsletter@gmail.com. If it’s a physical drawing or you are unable to draw it digitally, you can give the physical drawing to Jasmijn, the SL English teacher at the IB.

Be sure to include your full name and contact information upon submission.

What does the winner receive?

1ST  PLACE: a delicious cake with the logo they have created on the cake along with having their logo used for the rest of the KatFood's existence.

2ND PLACE: a goody basket filled with some tasty treats.


We look forward to seeing your lovely designs!

Best regards, the Katfood